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A content proofing file (.jpg or .tif) is required for content check.
Please be careful to submit the correct file, as resubmissions may incur additional charges.
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Ad Specifications
All ads must be created to exact size specifications or will incur charges for re-sizing.
If you are submitting a bleed ad, please verify the live bleed image extends .125" past the trim line.
All live matter should be within .25” of trim dimensions.
All registration marks must be offset at least .125" from the trim line.
Supplied materials that do not comply with the following specifications will be corrected and the advertiser billed for the required production.

Required Format
Print: PDF/X-1a format is the required file format for print file submission.
Digital: File formats, such as InDesign native files with associated fonts and graphics, will be accepted for digital magazine submissions only. To ensure you have all the necessary files, including fonts, use the InDesign “Package” feature. These files must be compressed into Zip archives.

Bonnier Corporation utilizes Virtual Proofing technology. Hard copy guidance is no longer required. If you opt to send a proof for internal color approval, please send a Web Coated SWOP 2006 certified proof. Please see www.swop.org for a complete list of certified proofing systems.